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My Mix winns 2X Gold

The ZEM wins 1 X Gold AND 1 X Best of Festival 2016 at the US International Film & Video Festival in L.A. with the Film "Touch the Limits" which I mixed.
What a privilege to sometimes work in such a great team! Check out the movie HERE

Lorenz Gold_500


Since about 6 month, Springtime does a great job in our studio rack. This amazing analog reverb the room with sound and glues every mix together!
More Infos here!

Springtime Analog Reverb by IGS Audio

Recording with Denis Peyer

Last week, the songwriter Denis Peyer recorded three songs in our location. From one of the songs we recorded a live video, recorded with three different cameras. A fourth camera was shot as an overdub. A very efficient way to produce a good looking music video.
You can check out the video here!

Denis Collage_Fotor


Since a couple days, some very nice dark green equipment fills some of the last spaces in our rack, the Burl B2 Bomber ADC and the B1 Preamp. Both peaces sound amazing! Come and listen!

Burl B1

Band Tracking

New sounds are on the way. It is always a great joy to be a part of the "birth" of a new album. 4 talented and groovy musicians were here to track their parts, great work!

Dave Demuth, Lukas Schwengeler, Christoph Steiner, Lorenz Schaller