The acoustic is important to us!

Good acoustics in a studio is the prerequisite for a perfect recording. In a room, sound waves propagate from the sound source in all directions. When a sound wave encounters a smooth wall, it gets reflected. The audience can hear all the sound waves coming directly from the sound source, but at the same time the ear receives all reflected waves. That’s why in general the anticipated sound differentiates from the original sound source. It is not desirable to have this effect in a sound studio. In the Soundpro Studio these reflections have been reduced to a minimum, using different absorbers that scatter and absorb these sound reflections.
On the left-hand side of the picture you see the Midbass-Absorber. This absorber is place between the intercepting monitors on the back wall and is 2m tall.
All absorbers were calculated to suit the room, so an optimal result can be achieved.


With the goal to absorb the very low basses, we built two Helmholz-Resonators; each with ten chambers. They are both placed in the corner behind the intercepting monitors.

Here is a professional description: A Helmholz-Resonator is an acoustic resonator. It consists of an air filled chamber with a tight opening towards the outside. Due to the elasticity of the air volume in the chamber, in combination with the inert mass in the tight opening, a mechanical mass-spring system is achieved with a very distinct natural resonance.