My portrait

When I was 8 years old, I took my first piano lessons. At 13, I began to play in bands and by 17 I was the leader of a pop band. I took my first Jazz classes at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern when I was 19. By the time I was 20, I was investing my time and talents in multiple band and choir projects, CD productions, and giving piano lessons. I began my studies full time when I was 24 in the 5 year program at the Academy of Contemporary Music in Zurich and graduated in February 2003.
Now, I work as a producer, arranger, composer, and music teacher, as well as participating as a musician in different jazz, funk, soul, and pop bands.

My musical education

1982 - 1989 Classical piano lessons
1995 - 1996 Swiss Jazz School Bern, regular courses
1998 - 2003 Full-time Jazz school (ACM) in Zurich, later at the College of Music and Theater (HMT).

My teachers: Tim Kleinert, Thomas Sylvestri, Immanuel Brockhaus, Bela Balint, Tamash Szöllösi, Urs Nüssli, Ueli Gasser, Juan Martinez and others…

I love to take photos! Here are some of my latest Instagram-pics…